Impact fact

Rasmus helps life sciences clients using biomedical data analytics and systems biology to drive innovation in drug discovery.


Rasmus is the scientific lead of the European biomedical research service line at ZS, where he co-established a science-led team that uses a combination of biological knowledge, deep data experience, and AI capabilities to achieve breakthrough discoveries, increase R&D outcomes, and accelerate drug discovery. As the scientific lead, Rasmus plays an active role in pharma client projects, as both internal and external scientific advisor, and as a mentor for the analysist and scientists participating in the projects. Furthermore, Rasmus is leading the talent development efforts in an in-house academy for further educating analysists and scientists in the fields of bioinformatics and systems biology.


Rasmus has expertise in multiple fields: 1) Molecular biology, including extensive practical experience in wet-lab research and experimental protocols, generation and interpretation of experimental results. 2) Computer science, including hands-on experience from low-level machine code to high level objects-oriented languages and programming paradigms. 3) Bioinformatics and systems biology, including deep understanding of biological data and algorithm development. 4) Science communication and education, including undergrad to post-doc level and beyond.


In client projects Rasmus has many years of experience being the bridge between the biological scientists (the wet-lab side) and the bioinformatics analysists (the dry-lab side), as well as being the main point of contact for the client leadership team.

Prior experience

Rasmus has a lifelong passion for both science and computer programming, and has been working with bioinformatics since the mid-1990’s. He has a strong passion for teaching and scientific communication, and he maintains strong ties with academia. Rasmus has worked as an associate professor of bioinformatics at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) where he was involved in both wet-lab experiments as well as algorithm development. Rasmus began teaching at DTU in 2002 and has thus been an early entry point into bioinformatics for multiple generations of engineering students in Denmark.


In 2008, Rasmus co-founded Intomics, a company acquired by ZS in May 2022. At Intomics, Rasmus has been the overall scientific lead for the company and has been involved in most of the company’s projects with pharma clients on the topics of systems biology, drug target and biomarker discovery, drug repositioning, disease ontologies and more. Several of Intomics’ core algorithms were originally co-authored by Rasmus. Furthermore, Rasmus has been heavily involved in talent recruitment and development over the years.


Rasmus has a dual background in molecular biology and software engineering, with a Master of Science degree in biology from the University of Copenhagen and an Information Technology Diploma from the Copenhagen University College of Engineering.

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