Stuart leads a specific life sciences client relationship, working on issues spanning ZS’s practice areas and capability groups. He also leads ZS’s creative and design practice in Europe and is the global head of the firm’s immersive experience capability for our clients.



Stuart has 20 years of expertise within life sciences, having worked with many large and small pharma and biotech companies. He greatly enjoys the challenge of solving complex problems and is passionate in his support of companies developing differentiated strategies and tactics.


Within his current client account role, Stuart supports global and regional headquarters in the design, execution and operation of sales, marketing and medical strategies and tactics. His breadth of expertise encompasses early stage commercial assessment, marketing research, portfolio strategy, brand planning and strategy, forecasting, launch planning, and multiple field issue areas including organization design, effectiveness and operations.


He also helps clients in Europe create more memorable and impactful experiences. As part of his global role within the creative and design practice area, he leads an innovation area, ILEX, that develops immersive experiences for clients and explores new technologies such as virtual reality. 



Stuart previously held various positions at ZS from associate to associate principal. He also headed up ZS’s London office for four years prior to his move to the firm’s Cambridge office.


Before joining ZS, Stuart also worked as an analyst modelling environmental pollution from industrial plants, and served as a public relations officer for the British Red Cross. 



Stuart holds a master’s in natural sciences and a Master of Arts from Cambridge University, England (St. Catharine’s College).