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A revolutionary approach to master data management

June 24, 2019 | White Paper | 2-minute read

A revolutionary approach to master data management

Just as the move away from a largely agrarian way of life and an increasing demand for manufactured goods fueled the fire for the Industrial Revolution, several key factors are driving the large-scale evolution of master data management. In essence, today’s MDM is a result of the evolving healthcare marketplace—and, subsequently, the evolving pharmaceutical commercial model—and the emerging capabilities are a far cry from the static, delivery-based MDM of the past. To stay abreast of these changes, companies can take a few key steps:

  • Create a clear definition of customers
  • Focus on developing a real understanding of the data and its intended usage
  • Ensure data stewardship and quality
  • Develop a strong change management and migration program

ZS’s Mahmood Majeed and Ammar Feroz weigh in on these critical steps and share how MDM can help companies generate a far more holistic and relevant understanding of customers, leading to more meaningful customer interactions.

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