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Inoculating your vaccine portfolio for the future

By Adi Natu, Joshua Hattem, Matt Furlow, Sara Ackermann, and Amandeep Singh

May 17, 2024 | White Paper | 14-minute read

Inoculating your vaccine portfolio for the future

Thank you to Bernadette Bourjolly, Sudharsan Parthasarathy, Amudha Sharma and Regan O'Marra for their contributions to this white paper.


Ever since the advent of the first smallpox vaccine in 1796, the vaccine manufacturing landscape has undergone progressive transformation to surmount constraints and incorporate advancements to build better vaccines. In recent memory, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the approval of vaccines based on a variety of platforms—adenoviral vectors, mRNA, DNA, VLPs, protein subunits and inactivated vaccines. Each platform offers opportunities and challenges, whether it’s a whole pathogen, subunit, genetic or viral vector vaccine platform. Each offers new sophistication and complexity in addressing the high unmet need of infectious diseases across the globe.


In this white paper, we analyze different vaccine platform types, covering:

  • Vaccine platform classifications
  • The benefits and challenges associated with each vaccine platform type
  • Enablers and hurdles for each vaccine platform
  • Recommendations and industry reflections

Download this white paper to help you make informed decisions about developing vaccines in specific platform types.

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