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Biopharma: Here’s a structured way to maximize value from data

By Mahmood Majeed, and Ashish Goel

Dec. 12, 2022 | Article | 18-minute read

Future Hospital

Data is crucial for the next wave of innovation in global healthcare. Yet biopharma’s leaders tell us that progress in putting available data to work is relatively minor and short-lived compared with the size of the opportunity and the need to improve global health.


So the question is, “How?” How do organizations create a structured way to maximize the business value of data?


Across dozens of end-to-end data and analytics transformations, we’ve started to see more of what’s working. 


The first step, selecting the right opportunities for value capture and creation, can happen at any level of the organization. But the efforts to scale that value for the enterprise and sustain it over time are what become transformational.

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