Closing the gap between B2B buyers and B2B sellers

April 19, 2023 | Webinar | 33-minute watch


Business-to-business (B2B) decision-makers increasingly expect a more responsive and personalized experience from the companies providing the products and services they need. B2B sellers have responded by investing significantly in developing and deploying new digital capabilities—from self-serve customer portals to mobile apps and martech solutions such as decision engines, content management systems and customer data platforms. Yet these investments have not fully delivered on their promise. 


The key challenge is not just buying new digital capabilities but also understanding how to develop an integrated digital ecosystem across marketing, sales and service. Integrating digital capabilities into the B2B selling process and securing sales team buy-in are critical for success. Digital capabilities are most effective in B2B settings when they enrich and elevate human-led sales interactions.


During this webinar, experts discuss how B2B sellers can win more deals by:

  • Creating a digital ecosystem that delivers on B2B buyer expectations
  • Enriching, elevating and enabling B2B sales teams

This webinar looks the practical applications of this approach. We analyze what success looks like today, where current trends are headed, and share a roadmap for how to move forward.

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