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Digital health in Europe: Who is paying for it and why it matters

Nov. 17, 2021 | White Paper | 25-minute read

Digital health in Europe: Who is paying for it and why it matters

Europe offers unique opportunities for digital health, which we believe should make it part of many companies’ plans for commercial success. An early step on the go-to-market journey—access and reimbursement—already represents various challenges, given the nascent and heterogenous landscape of policy and legislation guiding reimbursement assessment and decision-making for digital health.


While some companies (especially those with lower-risk, consumer-oriented products) may choose to go direct-to-consumer, we wanted to shine a light on different paths to market that could be available for reimbursement, and how to think about those paths when developing a pan-European strategy.


To find answers to these questions, the ZS digital health team in Europe combined secondary research with interviews it conducted with payers and digital health experts. These insights, presented in this white paper, reveal four pathways that digital connected health companies can pursue to achieve reimbursement in various healthcare systems in key Western European countries. We offer case studies on each of these pathways explored through different European markets, as well as how to overcome the challenges that these pathways present.

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