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Modernize your manufacturing with a digital thread

By Dharmesh A. Ved, Anoop Garg, Alina Rizvi, and Joyeeta Chatterjee

June 6, 2024 | White Paper | 12-minute read

Modernize your manufacturing with a digital thread

The digital thread is pivotal in modern manufacturing, linking data from design to distribution. However, diverse equipment creates interoperability challenges between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). Bridging this gap with digital thread deployment is essential for streamlining operations and real-time monitoring. As IT integrates with shop floor operations, the convergence of OT and IT drives digital thread adoption. Despite this, data analytics faces hurdles due to diverse sources and formats. Addressing these complexities demands sophisticated frameworks to ensure data accuracy, reliability and security while enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities by managing the generated data volume better.

In shop floor environments, diverse hardware and software systems serve various functions, requiring tailored integration methods. Each component follows specific protocols, complicating scaling and integration, which can be costly. Data is scattered across multiple points, forming intricate pathways for collection and aggregation. This data complexity and the need to integrate edge and cloud computing create hurdles for establishing a digital thread. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for streamlining operations and harnessing the full potential of shop floor technologies. In this white paper we cover the building blocks of a digital thread. 

You will learn about ensuring your organization’s readiness across:

  • Infrastructure
  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Cybersecurity

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