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How health care providers’ preferences influence customer experience

May 8, 2019 | White Paper | 7-minute read

How health care providers' preferences influence customer experience

Understanding why doctors open doors to pharmaceutical sales reps, read promotional emails, commit to speaker events, and engage with other sales and marketing channels could be the difference between a company delivering a strong customer experience and failing to keep pace with a competitor. According to ZS’s 2017 AccessMonitor™ and AffinityMonitor™ findings, pharmaceutical companies should focus their resources where doctors really want to engage, whether through in-person meetings, digital tactics or a combination of both. Whatever the approach, what message is being delivered—and how often—truly does matter.


In this executive summary of the 2017 AccessMonitor™ and AffinityMonitor™ study Malcolm Sturgis, the principal leading the AffinityMonitor™ and AccessMonitor™ offerings reveals the strategies and accompanying content that are most likely to increase engagement with specific health care practitioners’ specialty areas.

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