As prescriber-level data became available in the mid-90s, life sciences developed a number of analytical approaches and business processes to enable call planning and execution for the field force. Since then, the availability of both prescriber-level and patient-level data has exploded in terms of volume, variety and velocity, as have the analytical capabilities available to commercial life sciences. So why, given all these advancements, has the call planning process remained the same slow, periodic process?


Let us introduce you to a new agile approach to call planning and execution that enables reps to dynamically target healthcare providers (HCPs) based on their needs, preferences and other factors to achieve better engagement. Join us in this webinar, in which we’ll do a deep dive into AI-assisted call planning.


Attendees will discover: 

  • What’s possible for call planning in 2020 and beyond
  • How to evolve call planning into dynamic targeting—from data to AI to change management 
  • How dynamic targeting looks in action