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Everest Group spotlight paper: A unified, data-driven approach for pharma clinical trials

Oct. 27, 2023 | White Paper | 25-minute read

Everest Group spotlight paper: A unified, data-driven approach for pharma clinical trials

Digital solutions like mobile health apps, wearable devices, electronic health records and telemedicine platforms were supposed to revolutionize clinical trials by offering continuous monitoring, remote patient engagement and more accurate data collection. However, this technology has brought with it a new set of complications that have distracted from its promise. Interoperability between solutions, data security and complex data silos are just some of the challenges clinical trials sponsors have not yet conquered.


In a new white paper, ZS-sponsored research from Everest Group explores how life sciences companies can create a unified approach to clinical trials through data-driven methods that focus on sustained growth, productivity and compliance. To achieve this, the authors write that embracing digital technologies alone is not enough. Organizations must have a cohesive and harmonized ecosystem where data flows seamlessly and technologies complement each other, so that they bridge the gap between traditional and digital trials.


This white paper includes:

  • An overview of the advantages of a unified approach, including how it can help solve key business challenges
  • An examination of the architecture of a unified clinical development platform and the stakeholder benefits
  • A framework for life sciences enterprises for transitioning to a unified approach and recommendations for success

“Adopting a unified platform ... enhances efficiency, communication, and collaboration among stakeholders, leading to improved patient care.”


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