Pharmaceutical marketing leaders recognize the need to change their focus away from relationship-driven marketing toward a customer-centric model where the customer is in the driver’s seat.


But what does that mean?


In this white paper, we unpack the details and provide realistic, early changes you can take to shift your team’s focus for the next evolution of marketing.


We’ll help guide your thinking so that you can shape a response that drives value relative to four universal trends:

  1. sophistication of omnichannel delivery, which is leading to shifts toward seamless customer engagement expectations
  2. beyond-the-product value narratives amidst an intensifying competitive landscape
  3. customers’ wish for on-demand medical content
  4. social platforms leading to novel information or content curation, creation and influence   

Most importantly, we believe that those who understand how data can be used and deployed during the industry’s transition to a customer-driven model will emerge as leaders.


Find out what to watch and steps you can take to prepare your teams. Get How pharma marketers win when the customer is in the driver’s seat.