Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

How AI can elevate healthcare and life sciences

Sept. 28, 2022 | Video | 17-minute watch


At Ai4 2022, ZS’s Saby Mitra spoke about three key success factors for artificial intelligence (AI) to fulfill its promise in healthcare and life sciences. Saby said AI must:

  • Improve the connectedness and portability of health data
  • Be useable for a wide range of team members, from those working in drug discovery to salespeople
  • Directly better society and patient lives in a trustworthy and transparent manner

Saby was joined by Kim Moran, the head of U.S. rare diseases at UCB, who shared how UCB uses AI to improve patient experience, personalization and treatment for those suffering from rare diseases. Hear from Saby and Kim about how AI is affecting healthcare today and where we can go in the future. 

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