For years, population health management (PHM) has been a strategic focus area for health plans. So why are they still struggling to achieve “last mile change,” where clinicians can effectively leverage insights and engage with members to help influence behavior and outcomes?


Today, realizing return on engagement and investment remains elusive, but is critical to survive in 2021 and beyond. To achieve and measure real impact, health plans need to integrate PHM insights into clinicians’ workflow to drive evidence-based engagement strategies and help physicians leverage their trust-based patient relationships.


To help health plan leaders find how to continue to adapt to this new normal, I caught up with Charles DeShazer, SVP and chief medical officer at Highmark, and Eric Grossman, CEO and founder of NextHealth Technologies to discuss how the pandemic has impacted PHM, and how health plans can ultimately adapt to these changes to generate more ROI and achieve last-mile impact.