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How to talk about the value of your data strategy

By Mahmood Majeed, and Ashish Goel

Dec. 13, 2022 | Article | 6-minute read

Biotech Innovation

We’ve assembled all the ways biopharma can use data to drive new business value—all in one place. Why? To make it easier for you to test your knowledge.


When data leaders struggle to communicate the enduring business value of their data strategy, they lose the business context behind each incremental win. As a result, executive support can dwindle for the unseen but necessary investments in the right data, partners, operating models and ways of working.


We believe those who take the time to learn how to communicate the value of data in relatable and thoughtful ways can gain an edge with their business partners. 

First, learn how to tell the story of data’s value

Why do this? As a data leader, it’s your role to guide the organization in selecting the right opportunities to create and capture value with data. Finding a common way to talk about value helps you see new ways to scale ideas that work.


Get to know the value plays. Click on each to learn more.

Now put it into practice: Discover new use cases for biopharma

Test your knowledge. Look for use cases focused on how value is created—such as cases where business decisions were enhanced, operations improved or new revenue streams created. 


Knowing how value is created helps you weigh decisions for the right data, partners, operating models and ways of working.


See common data-to-value use cases. Spark new ideas for your own organization.

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