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An intelligent content ecosystem: Hyper-personalization is here, is your company ready?

April 12, 2023 | Webinar | 35-minute watch


The life sciences industry has been moving the needle to personalize customer experiences. Orchestrated omnichannel experiences at an individual customer level are starting to make a tangible impact on customer engagement and outcomes. The next evolution in customer experience will be a leap forward, involving hyper-personalized content that leverages customers’ micro preferences and that curates a dynamic experience at every interaction point across channels. Digital leaders have already started to build modular content supply chain capabilities to move the frontier on personalization.


In this webinar, Saby Mitra, global leader of digital customer experience practice at ZS, and special guest Ray Gomez, global omnichannel capabilities leader at BMS, discuss the concept of content hyper-personalization. They describe the intelligent content ecosystem needed to realize a truly remarkable customer experience and some of the advancements BMS has been making in this area as an industry leader.


Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The use of data to drive your creative strategy
  • The application of artificial intelligence to hyper-personalize customer engagement
  • Organizational change management that is needed to evolve content ecosystems

Join us as we take a deep dive into this exciting arena and explore what you need to know to connect with the customers of the future.

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