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Is an AI-driven product launch part of your digital strategy?

July 12, 2022 | Webinar | 31-minute watch

business people looking at a futurisitic digitally generated display

With treatment dynamic complexity increasing and competition intensifying, successfully applying AI at launch is critical for pharma companies to succeed. Join ZS and Biogen for a real-world case study on how AI helped a brand dramatically change its launch trajectory and understand why baking in an AI-driven product launch into your digital strategy is so important. 


During this webinar, you’ll explore: 

  • How to leverage a dynamic AI framework tied to a brand’s evolving needs at launch
  • The benefits of taking a problem-centric approach to AI instead of a capability-centric one
  • How to best incorporate small and dark data into the launch AI
  • How to move toward actionable AI recommendations

Please join us in discussion with Biogen’s vice president, U.S. commercial excellence, Joanne Golankiewicz and associate director, U.S. advanced analytics, Priya Vedantham.

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