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Leveraging AI to harness the power of real-world data

Nov. 10, 2021 | Webinar | 31-minute watch

Leveraging AI to harness the power of real-world data

Using real-world data (RWD) in new and clever ways—from finding a patient with a rare disease to identifying key opinion leaders and their influence sphere in service of patient outcomes—has been one of the great advancements over the past few years. Identifying which RWD sources are of the greatest value for a specific problem is only the beginning. Increasingly sophisticated AI solutions are being developed that can harness the power of RWD and expand upon its use in healthcare.


During this on-demand webinar, we:

  • Explore critical AI innovations within RWD and what the near future looks like
  • Share how AI can arm stakeholders with timely insights to intervene at the optimal moment
  • Elaborate on the role of platforms in delivering these AI solutions.

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