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Patient engagement moves medtech to the front of the line

Oct. 18, 2021 | Article |

Patient engagement moves medtech to the front of the line

This article was first published on Oct. 5, 2021, on The MedTech Conference website.


As an industry, medtech increasingly recognizes the need to engage more meaningfully with patients as they weigh treatment options and begin therapy. While we’ve moved beyond websites to direct-to-consumer advertising, we know more must be done. Medical technology—wearables, implantables, diagnostics and monitoring—is poised to move to the front of the line by helping patients improve health outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse events.


At the recent The MedTech Conference held by AdvaMed, I facilitated the “Getting Serious About Patient Engagement in Medtech” session. Joining me were Julie Brewer, president, cardiovascular diagnostics and services at Medtronic, and Mike Pederson, senior vice president, electrophysiology and heart failure, at Abbott.


I shared my takeaways and thoughts from this discussion in the article I wrote for AdvaMed. I left the conference excited about the opportunities ahead.


“Medtech interventions too often have been second- or third-line solutions of last resort, based on our industry focus on the specialist. What is clear is that, through thoughtful patient engagement that extends outside of specific interventions, the opportunity exists for medtech to move to the front of the line.”


Read the full article.

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