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How optimized digital marketing channels can boost customer engagement

Oct. 26, 2022 | Webinar | 45-minute watch

How optimized digital marketing channels can boost customer engagement

While personalization has begun to transform owned marketing channels, paid channels and web have largely not been able to entrench themselves in the broader orchestration construct. Most industries can leverage experience solutions and innovative technology to drive web and media personalization. However, marketers in life sciences struggle to use such tools due to complex data and regulatory guidelines that affect dynamic personalization capabilities. 


ZS’s Srihari Sarangan and Jennifer Turcotte, senior director of pharma global strategy and go-to-market lead at Salesforce, share best practices for using artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive paid and owned marketing personalization across customers.


During this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Access first-party data to enable a persistent and unified customer profile that will help drive engagement and experiences in real time
  • Analyze engagement behaviors to determine the most effective course of action
  • Manage identities in the absence of third-party cookies and provide look-alike audiences based on first-party data sets
  • Leverage rules-based decisioning to produce next best actions across paid and owned channels to drive cohesive customer engagements

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