Reinventing Customer Experience: Goldman Sachs' Harit Talwar

Dec. 15, 2021 | Podcast | 40-minute listen

Reinventing Customer Experience: Goldman Sachs' Harit Talwar

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On this episode of our “Reinventing Customer Experience” podcast, ZS principals Arun Shastri and Gopi Vikranth chat with Harit Talwar, former chairman of consumer business (Marcus) and partner at Goldman Sachs. 


Learn how Goldman Sachs is disrupting the financial services industry by taking traditional ways of banking and fusing it with engineering data and design to deliver great customer experiences. Harit shares what’s needed to build a modern business, how to win in the FinTech market, the importance of cautious personalization and the need to organize by customer journeys rather than traditional departments.


About Harit Talwar: Harit is the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs’ consumer banking business, known as Marcus. He joined Goldman Sachs in 2015 as a partner, global head and employee number one of Marcus. Harit has extensive experience in the financial services industry and brings a global perspective after working in Asia, Europe and America. He has been named one of American Banker’s 10 to Watch and is an Outstanding Asian American in Business.

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