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Rethinking R&D productivity to promote sustainable growth

By Mukulita Bapat, and Scott Sandford

Dec. 7, 2022 | Webinar | 45-minute watch

Rethinking R&D productivity to promote sustainable growth

Even as pharma and life sciences organizations continue to follow a decades-long trend of increased R&D investments, the productivity of these investments has been declining. At the same time, conversations about the financial viability of pharmaceutical products continue to be taboo, potentially leading to inadvisable, expensive decisions. Watch this webinar with ZS’s Mukulita Bapat and Scott Sandford as they explore how organizations can balance the science, safety and long-term viability of pharma products by using a simple decision-making framework.


During this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Overcome challenges and improve R&D productivity
  • Implement learnings from industry best practices and use cases
  • Identify opportunities to sustain profitability
  • Determine what success looks like through a now, near and far lens

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