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ZS’s ‘Patient Centricity’ podcast: Unpack what it means to be truly patient led

April 20, 2023 | Podcast |

ZS’s ‘Patient Centricity’ podcast: Unpack what it means to be truly patient led

“Patient Centricity” is a ZS podcast focused on unpacking the provocative insights featured in the book, “Reinventing Patient Centricity: Bringing patient-led business models to life,” published in May 2022. In the book, co-authors Sharon Suchotliff and Hensley Evans, along with other ZS colleagues, explored opportunities for life sciences companies to move beyond the buzzwords and adopt truly patient-led business models. In the podcast series, host Victoria Summers invites colleagues and patients to examine various dimensions of patient centricity.


Interviewees share their expertise, discuss case studies and give voice to patient stories. Victoria explores topics such as the impact of patient centricity, new models of patient engagement and patient-focused drug development to see how the life sciences industry is transforming the patient experience—and what work still lies ahead.


Special bonus content features patients sharing their stories in their own words—their journeys, their challenges and their hopes for the future.


The “Patient Centricity” podcast is hosted by Victoria Summers, and features guests Sharon Suchotliff, Fiona Taylor, Michael Thomas, Tina Shepley, Lisa Bance, Nikita Reznik, Emily Mandell, Albert Whangbo, Tanya Shepley, Dan Ogletree, Torsten Bernewitz and Hensley Evans.

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