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Transform your health plan’s population health management programs

April 20, 2022 | Webinar | 28-minute watch


For years, health plans only made incremental investments in their population health management (PHM) programs. Today’s healthcare landscape (with its pent-up demand for deferred care, exacerbated health disparities and digital adoption) and tomorrow’s (with the medical loss ratio pressures health plans will face in the coming decade due to the COVID-19 pandemic) demand more investment than that. Health plans must transform their existing PHM programs and use them to strategically manage costs while improving the quality and experience of their members’ care.


In this webinar, health plan leaders will learn how to:

  • Identify where to start their PHM transformation journey—member need identification, holistic intervention design and ongoing measurement and optimization​
  • Develop a robust data strategy to enable PHM programs
  • Build next-generation AI-driven PHM analytics

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