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The trend to spend: Pharma-patient engagement in Europe

By Mark Saunders, Tina Shepley, and Catarina Rouxinol

Jan. 24, 2023 | White Paper | 9-minute read

The trend to spend: Pharma-patient engagement in Europe

The last five years have seen an increase in pharma-patient engagement, from pre-diagnosis awareness communications to support for further stages along the patient journey. Despite awareness of changing patient needs and pharma perspectives on engagement, there remains a large and unexplored opportunity. ZS conducted a survey in 2022 of 300 patients living with Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and multiple sclerosis in the U.K., Germany and France. We applied this data and other research to examine the pharma-patient engagement landscape by identifying influential factors and exploring how companies can maximize the value derived from patient engagement.


In this white paper, we cover:

  • How pharma can tailor its engagement to specific demographics, based on their desire to stay involved in their healthcare
  • The potential for transforming treatment uptake and prognoses through action-oriented engagement
  • What made a breast cancer prevention campaign in the Middle East so successful 

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