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‘Unbundling’ the rep in the era of personalization

Sept. 27, 2023 | Webinar | 60-minute watch

“Unbundling” the rep in the era of personalization

What if pharma companies could create such personalized customer experiences that they could predict an individual’s next need? This vision is within reach.


To move to this future, pharma must ditch its one-size-fits-all approach and adopt a new commercial model that harnesses insights and optimizes touchpoints, reimagines marketing and evolves the role of the sales rep.


What does the new role look like and what are the implications of this evolutionary shift?


In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve the customer experience and deepen relationships by reimagining the role of the rep
  • Change the way headquarters and the field collaborate and why change is needed
  • Support this evolution and get started

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