For many of today’s therapies, the patient experience is fragmented, confusing and burdensome. Consequently, patients struggle to get, start and stay on therapy. Despite the pharmaceutical industry investing more than $16 billion in patient support programs, only 3% of patients use the support.


There is a need to transform patient experience significantly. Technology that allows for proactive and predictive decision-making can drive more personalized engagement delivered at the right time through the right channel. Digital and AI will be key to this transformation.


In this webinar, we'll discuss how ZAIDYN™ Patient Engagement can help you achieve:

  • 20%-30% reduction in patients never starting therapy and 10%-20% reduction in therapy discontinuation, with proactive interventions
  • Up to 56% increased consumption of personalized services through integration with last-mile engagement channels
  • Comprehensive patient support program performance insights that can lead to better and lasting outcomes