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Campus Beats winners give a sneak peek of their journey to ZS

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Feb. 21, 2021 | Article | 5-minute read

Campus Beats winners give a sneak peek of their journey to ZS

Campus Beats, ZS's annual university engagement program in India, is going completely virtual in its 2021 edition. As part of the process, ZS is inviting students to participate in live webinar sessions followed by an online case challenge. Top teams will get an opportunity for a pre-placement interview at ZS.


To help participants understand how the program will help them prepare for a future role at ZS, we sat down with our previous years' Campus Beats winners, who joined the firm last year as full-time employees after completing their internship. Follow along to get a glimpse into their Campus Beats stories and life at ZS. 

Akanksha admires ZS culture!

Why did you choose ZS? Was there anything that stood out to you about the company?

The way ZSers spoke about the values and lived by them was evident through the two days of Campus Beats final round. The way they conducted the sessions, represented the firm and interacted with us led me to believe that ZSers walk the talk when it comes to their culture and values. My journey with ZS has been great so far. The amount of exposure that I received as an intern and full-time employee is tremendous. I have learned a lot in the last year, and my learning continuum only seems to progress.

What message would you like to pass on to this year’s participants?

My message for this year’s participants would be not to give up! Complete the case study, no matter what! Take it like it is supposed to be – a challenge. Give it your hundred percent and do not worry about the outcome!


Akanksha P. joined ZS as an intern in January 2020 and now works full-time as a Business Operations (BO) Associate at ZS’s Pune office. 

A smooth transition from a student to an industry professional

"My favorite part of life at ZS is getting something right and being appreciated for that. It adds even more meaning to the work." - Abhinav A. Business Technology Solutions Associate, Pune.

How was your journey from participating in Campus Beats to onboarding at ZS?

I am always intrigued to take up a project if it meant trying something innovative or new. When we went to the ZS Brown Bag session, it was brilliant the way ZS presented itself. A few of my friends decided to take part in Campus Beats Case Challenge, made a group, and registered. We spent as much time as we could spare from our schedule for the most rewarding project of my life (little did I know then!) and then submitted it. When the results came out, we were blown away and were excited to do our best. 


The next part was relatively simple as ZS took care of everything related to travel and accommodation splendidly. (In 2019, ZS visited campuses, unlike this year's program, which is entirely virtual). We had a networking dinner complete with icebreakers, insights, good food and great conversations. The presentation went relatively well. Our day ended with all the participants getting a pre-placement interview offer (all this happened a day before my birthday, which gave me more of a cause to celebrate!). My onboarding was smooth as well. I started with easier tasks and gradually eased into my responsibilities. 


Overall, I highly appreciate ZS for being so supportive and professional. I believe the experience I had from Campus Beats Case Challenge to recruitment, to my onboarding is somewhat ideal and the perfect way to transition from being a student to an industry professional.

From learning ‘about’ ZS to learning ‘at’ ZS

Why did you choose ZS? Was there anything that stood out to you about the company?

ZS is one of the finest firms when it comes to business consulting. It’s one field I was keen to explore career opportunities in. I have had seniors who spoke highly of ZS as a place to grow, which was one of the reasons why I actively participated in ZS Campus Beats. Speaking of ZS culture, people working here are extremely collaborative and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship as well since it was an ideal mix of challenging, interesting and productive. I like how interns are treated just like full-time associates and get assigned actual and meaningful tasks, which are crucial and beneficial for our learning curves.

“I have had seniors who spoke highly of ZS as a place to grow, which was one of the reasons why I actively participated in ZS Campus Beats.”

What has been your favorite thing about life at ZS?

The most exciting thing about working at ZS is that every day is full of learning and I get to know about the intrinsic details of how the business works and the nuances of how our contribution leaves a lasting impact on our clients. I have an extremely well-connected team that is always more than willing to extend support in case I get stuck anywhere. ZS is also known for its focus on diversity as well as career development programs, which I believe provide numerous learning opportunities for us – one of my favorite things about life at ZS.

What message would you like to pass on to this year’s participants?

I would strongly recommend the participants to take part in ZS Campus Beats with an open mind and dedication because the outcome is totally worth it. It’s noteworthy that each stage of ZS Campus Beats brings about its own unique experiences. ZS is the place to be for anyone who is starting afresh and aims for a full-fledged corporate experience that promises tons of opportunities to grow.


Kirti M. works as a Business Operations (BO) Associate in ZS’s New Delhi office.

Rushil has a message for the Campus Beats participants

Why did you choose ZS? How has your journey with ZS been so far?

After experiencing the Campus Beats event and talking to everyone ranging from an associate to a manager at ZS, the factors that stood out to me were the ever-expanding growth opportunities and the assurance that I would never feel stagnated throughout my professional journey. ZS holds true to its core values – Get it right, treat people right, do the right thing – and nurtures a culture of “Helping others move forward” when it comes to its people, which also reflects in the quality of the work that ZS produces for its clients.


My journey so far at ZS has been nothing short of incredible. Since this was my first job, I faced some challenges along the way, but the fact that there was always someone willing to guide me through those hurdles is a big part of why my journey here has been this good.

What message would you like to pass on to this year’s participants?

I feel that Campus Beats provides an amazing opportunity to all the students who want to dive into solving business problems. Even if you are new to data analytics, the Campus Beats team does a fantastic job explaining the concepts in a clear and concise manner. My advice would be to actively participate in the orientation session. If the seminar intrigues you, grab hold of your teammates, brainstorm on the business case study and do the best you can!


Rushil K. joined ZS in 2020 via Campus Beats. He presently works as a Decision Analytics Associate at ZS’s New Delhi office.


Visit Campus Beats to learn more about the webinar sessions and the upcoming ZS Case Challenge, and reach out to your university placement office for more details specific to your university. 

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