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Celebrating the lively culture of Buenos Aires

By Kailah Peters

Oct. 21, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

Celebrating the lively culture of Buenos Aires

From Asia to the Caribbean, ZS has more than 30 offices around the world. Though they vary in focus areas, size, demographic and geographical location, one thing remains true: the ZS culture. ZSers are curious, innovative, welcoming and ambitious teammates working together to solve complex problems in healthcare and beyond. 


This theme became abundantly clear when we sat down with María Cecilia Argibay, a senior research scientist based in our Buenos Aires office. Though our offices may all look different, the passion for our work is always alive. 

Where passion changes lives

Maria joined ZS in 2020 as a decision analytics associate. Though she had previous work experience in bioengineering, programming and healthcare, ZS was her first experience with consulting. “The move to consulting was a challenge for me,” Maria says. “Getting into ZS, working with people all over the world in a whole new setting was very different from what I was used to.” But she acclimated well. After working as part of the biomedical research practice area, Maria was promoted to an associate consultant. She took advantage of ZS’s Evolve program to explore different roles and switched to the scientific excellence track.

“ZS is a world of doors. You can open as many as you like,” Maria says. “If you don’t want to, that’s okay, you can stay on one path. But the moment you feel like you are not completely comfortable or want a new challenge, there are many resources that you can use, there are many spaces you can explore, people you can turn to and managers you can speak with.”


The endless opportunity for growth is one of Maria’s favorite things about working at ZS. The other is the office culture. She described the Buenos Aires office as very lively. “There will always be someone who will talk to you and is interested in becoming friends,” Maria says. “Buenos Aires is unique. We share a language, Hispanic traditions and cultural items that were here even before the Spanish came to the land. Our culture is very friendly, we are very fond of each other and we enjoy spending time together. Our culture focuses on quality and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I feel like ZS understands that a happy employee is a must have.”


To help ZSers be as happy as possible, the Buenos Aires office hosts a plethora of events—from forums and knowledge cafes to events that encourage networking and connection. “We have a good time while working,” she says with a laugh. “One of my favorite events came from Women@ZS. Argentina has an unstable economy and they organized a financial talk for women. Our wages are set in U.S. dollars, but the currency keeps changing, so the exchange rate might change 25% from one day to another. The uncertainty is big, so having the resources to plan your finances accordingly was such a powerful tool to give us. I really appreciated it.”


“ZS has a vision of doing the right thing, getting it right and treating people right. I see that brought to life every day.”


To learn more about your opportunities for growth in Buenos Aires and beyond, visit our careers page and social media. Find your passion at ZS!

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