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Innovating with tech talent in the Caribbean

By Kailah Peters

March 20, 2023 | Article | 3-minute read

Innovating with tech talent in the Caribbean

Innovation doesn’t happen in a bubble; that’s why ZS works to continually grow, extending opportunities to diverse minds from all around the world. In 2021, we expanded our reach by acquiring Medullan, a leader in digital health and digital medicine strategies and solutions. With this acquisition, we welcomed two new offices in the Caribbean (Trinidad and Jamaica) and broadened our network of ZSers with 80-plus more brilliant minds like Kalisha Narine.

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Kalisha started her career with a profound interest in programming. “I was guided by my father who was a math and IT teacher,” she says. “He taught me during high school and guided me toward getting a computer science degree at university and starting a meaningful career.” Medullan hired Kalisha right after her college graduation, and she held a wide variety of roles, from programmer to delivery management in the digital health industry, over a period of 15 years. Now as a ZSer, Kalisha is an implementation services manager based in Trinidad and works in our digital health practice.

“My day-to-day hasn’t altered much, the culture is similar and I work with the same people as before,” Kalisha says, as she indicated the change was big and small. The biggest difference has been process and tooling. “Working here has the energy and environment of a startup with the support, expertise, resources and stability of a global firm,” she says.


“With the acquisition by ZS, we’ve refined our structure and expanded our reach. Now, we’ve scaled our core platform and product team that’s only focused on research and development, and formalized our professional services team that focuses on the implementation and delivery.”


Together, these teams are evolving ZS’s Connected Research, a real-world data and evidence collection platform. Evolved from Medullan, ZS’s Connected Research platform provides digital enrollment with electronic informed consent (eConsent), electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO), televisit services, remote patient monitoring via wearables and sensors and other clinical study participant engagement capabilities. The platform offers a flexible system to accelerate the translation of scientific discovery into better care for clinical study participants everywhere. It is designed as a modular hybrid ecosystem, allowing fast deployment and continuity of data and is highly configurable for each study’s protocol requirements. These features enable sponsors to maximize engagement and retention while minimizing study participant burden. ZS is proud to work with strategy and tech talent in the Caribbean to continually evolve this innovative solution.


As Kalisha explains, tech training in the Caribbean can be very academic focused, with limited opportunities to apply skills in a real-world setting. Through ZS’s internship and full-time opportunities, talent in the Caribbean can apply their skills to tech in healthcare and beyond.


“One of the biggest reasons why I’m excited to stay with ZS is because of the opportunity to continue learning every day and apply my knowledge to solve real-world problems,” Kalisha says. “I am very passionate about healthcare. I love that my work can make a positive impact on people’s lives.”


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Life at ZS

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