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Sports enthusiast Noopur explores her passions at ZS

By Ishita Sharma, and Abhery Roy

Nov. 11, 2022 | Article | 2-minute read

Sports enthusiast Noopur explores her passions at ZS

ZS is a place where people are passionate, driven and invested in exploration both inside and outside of the office. We encourage everyone to connect across teams, explore new projects and find new passions. For Noopur Sahasrabudhe, a human resources specialist in Pune, her passion for fitness and nature have helped her reach greater heights at ZS.


Noopur started her career at ZS as an intern. It was her first job, and she considers ZS very close to her heart. “I had always heard great stories about ZS, the nature of work and about the culture here through my friends who were pursuing engineering. I was super eager to join ZS and experience the culture after hearing about ‘the dream company.’”

Where passion changes lives

Being passionate about sports, wildlife and nature conservation, Noopur has taken inspiration from each of these disciplines. “I have been a national-level badminton player with a top 10 national seeding in the mixed doubles category,” she says. “Sports have inculcated discipline and dedication in me. Very recently, I switched tracks to lay my hands on a completely different sport—triathlons. That has taught me to be open to new learnings just like we have new learnings in projects at ZS.”


Noopur just completed the Ironman 70.3—one of a series of long-distance races that includes running, swimming and cycling—in Estonia earlier this year. She, amongst 86 other Indian athletes and a few hundred global participants, went through rigorous training to participate in the half-triathlon.

When asked how her love of nature inspires her at work, Noopur says, “I was introduced to wildlife camping and nature conservation at a very young age. Being out in nature teaches one a lot about uncertainty, being humble and patiently waiting till there is some ‘action’ on field.”


As Noopur talks about the impact she creates with her work, she says with pride, “I have always been blessed with great peers and coaches at ZS. With their support, I have been able to add value to all the projects I have been a part of. ZS has always made sure that I get learning opportunities, whether they are in the form of learning sessions or different roles and projects. While I was on the coaching team, I got to interact with many East Asia offices and through my efforts, I was able to create an impact at those respective offices.”


Noopur has incorporated her passion for sports and her love of nature into her career at ZS. We are looking forward to everything to come on her journey, the future successes she will realize not only at ZS but also in her endeavors outside of the office.


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