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Growing with ZS: Tony Yeung’s tale of career evolution

By Kailah Peters

May 21, 2024 | Article | 4-minute read

Growing with ZS: Tony Yeung’s tale of career evolution

Renowned for our expertise in healthcare, ZS also has deep knowledge in diverse industries ranging from transportation and technology to consumer goods and financial services. Because of this, we’re able to offer ZSers a variety of career opportunities and experiences.

The opportunity to work with clients on various challenges and improve their business acumen is exactly what excites Tony Yeung, a principal based in Seattle. Throughout his 20-year career at ZS, Tony has gathered a wealth of experience and expertise, working with many chief sales officers across industries on their sales strategy and effectiveness priorities.

Where passion changes lives

Tony came to ZS after working at a high-tech company where he was engaged in sales of hardware and software used in manufacturing, industrial automation and research applications. Still early in his career, Tony expressed a desire to broaden his skill set and explore new industries, including pharma. “This set me on my career journey,” he says. “I recommend all new ZSers be open to a variety of project work and industries early in their careers.”

Thanks to ZS’s support for career development, Tony quickly shifted to more business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing opportunities. “It was a similar kind of work, but it allowed me to explore topics I was more interested in and passionate about,” he says.

During this time, he found a mentor in ZS Principal Mike Moorman. “My relationship with Mike was very influential,” Tony recalls. “It gave me the necessary wisdom and insight to navigate the journey from goals to achievements.”

Tony’s passion shined. He quickly became a trusted advisor to clients in the airline industry. He developed a rich understanding of B2B go-to-market design, customer engagement and commercial operations and a reputation for meeting or exceeding client needs. His work was noticed, and Tony was promoted to manager. He even expanded his expertise outside of ZS, taking on a role as a frequent writer and speaker on sales effectiveness issues, including a guest faculty role in the “Maximizing Sales Force Performance” course at the Kellogg School of Management.

“I originally started in London and was given the opportunity to move home to Canada and further establish ZS’s work in industries outside of healthcare,” Tony says. “This opportunity allowed me to be closer to my then-girlfriend, now wife. ZS was amazing in supporting me throughout the move.”

The ZS transfer program facilitates opportunities for ZS employees to engage in cross-office or cross-regional learning and development. Through domestic and international transfers, ZSers can acquire new skills, immerse themselves in different cultural contexts, enhance their expertise within ZS and much more. Additionally, these transfers enable ZS to address critical business requirements by strengthening teams in specific regions or maintaining a balanced capacity to serve clients effectively. Regular evaluation of transfer applications ensures decisions are made based on factors like tenure, performance and business needs.

“I’m a big fan of transfers,” Tony says, having moved with ZS from London to Toronto to Seattle. “Andy and Prabha, ZS’s founders, established a precedent. Transfers are not just about changing locations; they’re about cultivating our ZS culture across borders, enriching our collective identity, and fostering a global community bound by shared values.”

In ZS’s Seattle office, Tony has had the opportunity to be an office managing principal and serve as client service lead for a large tech client. Recently, he’s transitioned to be client service lead for another important client in the agriculture industry. “Expanding in agriculture makes a lot of sense for ZS’s goal of improving health outcomes for all,” he says. “Food isn’t just fuel; it’s the foundation of our health. Every bite shapes our well-being, from the vitality of our bodies to the clarity of our minds. In the journey to improved health, the path we tread with our forks is as crucial as any prescription or treatment.”

ZS furthers our growth through client partnerships across a variety of industries including but not limited to consumer goods, financial services, high tech, retail, travel and hospitality and agriculture. Because of this, life at ZS offers our people an array of experiences and expertise. From healthcare to technology, finance to consumer goods, each sector offers unique challenges and learning curves that sculpt resilient professionals and fulfilling careers.

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Life at ZS

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