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ZS in Cambridge immersed in healthcare community

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Sept. 20, 2020 | Article | 4-minute read

ZS in Cambridge immersed in healthcare community

Cambridge, England is emerging as a key center for innovation in science and medicine, backed by the University of Cambridge. To support our emerging and established clients in Cambridge, ZS opened our Cambridge office in January 2020. This move strategically compliments the large healthcare community that continues to grow in the city as major companies have put down roots.


“The University of Cambridge has made huge strides in becoming a global leader in natural sciences and is drawing in big pharma research and development centers and headquarters. We’re excited to support the expanding pharma and cutting-edge biotech industries with their consulting needs,” says Cambridge Office Managing Partner Mark Rayward-Smith.

“Our current team in Cambridge is growing and seeking agile thought leaders who want to make a difference in healthcare.”

Mark Rayward-Smith

“Our current team in Cambridge is growing and seeking agile thought leaders who want to make a difference in healthcare. We’re keen to help companies evolve and get medicines to market more rapidly, to ultimately benefit patients,” says Mark.

Learn why Cambridge is an exciting place to live and work and how ZS has handled COVID-19 in the market in Mark’s expanded interview.

Q: What is the culture like within the Cambridge team?

A: Across all our ZS offices you’ll find a common thread of a people-forward, collaborative culture – and Cambridge is no different.  We genuinely enjoy working together, are passionate about improving patient access to care and strive to make a difference in the world. 

Q: Why is it an exciting time to join the Cambridge office?

A: If you want to be part of building a team and culture, this is the time to join ZS. While we are currently a small but mighty cross-functional team in Cambridge, we intend to grow to 20+ ZSers in the next three years.

Q: What kind of new hires are you looking to add to the current team?

A: We are hiring for a range of roles as we build our team in Cambridge. We are ultimately looking for people who are passionate about making the world a better place through improving healthcare. We want to be integral to the Cambridge healthcare scene and to be a valued contributor to that community. If anyone is looking to join ZS in the UK, we’d love for them to consider joining us in Cambridge.

Q: Why do you recommend living in and growing a career in Cambridge?

A: Cambridge is becoming a huge business center in the UK with the presence of major companies. You get similar big city opportunities in Cambridge, but you get to live in a less populated, greener, more relaxed city.

Q: How has the Cambridge team navigated COVID-19 challenges?

A: We closed offices quickly and seamlessly transitioned to a work from home model. We are now slowly opening up again and ZSers can use the office as needed. There is no pressure to do so. I am proud of how we supported our team members during lockdown, providing our employees with extra time off to look after family if they needed it. We have invested in staying collaborative while working from home and making sure our teams feel connected.


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