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ZS opens a new office in Berlin

By Kailah Peters

June 13, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

ZS opens a new office in Berlin

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Home to several top STEM universities, Berlin, Germany is a growing epicenter of technology and innovation. To further support emerging and established clients in the area, ZS recently opened our Berlin office. This office joins a growing list of European locations with Great Place to Work certification. With the new space, ZS is able to hire more innovative people, to connect with clients and to expand our digital health footprint.


To better understand the dynamic culture of this new office we sat down with Midzung Kieu, a strategy insights and planning associate consultant who moved from Frankfurt to Berlin. Midzung’s transfer was unconventional. She moved during the pandemic, before ZS had an official presence in the city. After a year of working remotely, she learned that ZS was opening a new office that she could call her own. 

“It’s amazing how it worked out,” she says with a laugh. “My first year working remotely, I missed the physical office I had in Frankfurt. The office is a physical network of support. It’s something zoom can’t compare to. This new office location is amazing,” Midzung gushes. “It’s the most strategic location we could be in.”


ZS’s Berlin office is located at Design Offices Berlin, a shared space at the center of the city occupied mostly by young startups. Located on the third floor of an historic building under monumental protection , the office faces the famous Unter den Linden Street and is about a 10-minute walk from Brandenburg Gate.


For the office opening party, Midzung got to explore the new space with clients and other ZSers before celebrating over dinner and drinks at a local restaurant. 

“It was a really great event,” she says. “Everyone was super excited to officially transfer to the Berlin office by the end of the summer. It's exciting to know that we get to shape what kind of office we want to have. For me, it’s important that it is going to be extremely dynamic and reflect the Berlin spirit. Berlin is a young and up-and-coming city with tremendous diversity. Walking around, you see people who reflect you no matter who you are and where you come from. That’s unique to Berlin and you don’t really see that in other German cities. We will also be attracting new clients and new business. There are a lot of healthcare startups in Berlin, so we have the potential to explore another group of clients that we’ve never had before.”

Midzung is not shy about her love for Berlin and its vibrant, growing culture. “I’m very biased,” she admits, alluding to her family in the area. “But I think if you are in Germany, Berlin is the best city to be in.”


To learn more about your opportunities for growth in Berlin and beyond, visit our careers page and social media. Find your passion at ZS!

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