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ZSer drives innovation with her passion for technology

By Ishita Sharma

June 24, 2024 | Article | 2-minute read

ZSer drives innovation with her passion for technology

At ZS, we believe in fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and make an impact. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in the stories of talented women like Stuti, who have found a supportive community and a platform for growth within our organization. Stuti’s journey as part of the business technology team is a testament to the opportunities available for women to build successful careers in tech at ZS.

Where passion changes lives

Stuti joined ZS as a campus hire after her graduation. The thrill of that late-night acceptance call is still fresh in her memory. “ZS is known for its passion for data and creating incredible solutions from it. Technology is the expertise area I wanted to be in, and that is what motivated me to join the firm,” she recalls.

Starting as a business technology solutions associate, Stuti quickly embraced the world of web development, mastering technologies like React.js, TypeScript and Python. Her dedication and quick learning led her to become a full-stack developer, building impactful solutions for diverse clients.


Stuti’s drive to make a difference is fueled by her love for technology. “The latest technologies, such as generative artificial intelligence, motivate me,” she explains. “At ZS, we have in-house gen AI tools such as Alter Igo, allowing us to build more robust applications faster and with assured quality.” Each project presents a unique challenge, and Stuti thrives on finding innovative solutions. “Recently, I was involved in a proof of concept on gen AI. We used GitHub Copilot to generate reusable components that can be integrated into other web applications during the development phase,” she shares. “I learned so much, and it positively influenced my coding style.”


ZS has been more than just a workplace for Stuti; it has been a catalyst for her personal and professional growth. “In these three years, ZS has transformed me from a fresher to a professional with amazing skills and experience. It has given me everything I’ve learned as a developer. ZS has given me mentors for life. Whether it is a professional or personal issue, I always have my colleagues’ support,” she says. Stuti’s advice to women aspiring to start a career in tech is simple yet powerful: “Go ahead and explore technology to create amazing solutions. Understand the requirements and get a feel for what the market needs.” Her story is just one example of the many talented women making their mark in the tech industry. For more such inspiring stories, follow us on social media.

Life at ZS

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