Our people are known for their innovative nature and dedication to problem-solving. Shiny Karn, a senior UI designer from Pune, believes the culture at ZS vitalizes her passion for design. “In today’s fast-paced digital age, a product’s success depends largely on the user experience it provides. A good user interface can make the difference between a product that users love and one that they struggle to use,” Shiny says. “At ZS, we are creating user interfaces for some of the world’s largest consumer and life sciences products that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and easy to use. This involves understanding each client’s unique needs and creating an experience that allows for seamless collaboration between ZS and our clients.”

Collaboration is an integral part of ZS culture, and it has acted as a source of great learning for Shiny. “Collaboration has been a very vital part of my work as a UI/UX designer,” Shiny says. “I work closely with cross-functional client teams and stakeholders to ensure that our designs are technically feasible and implemented effectively. This ensures that the final product meets the needs of all stakeholders and aligns with the organization’s goals.”

Reflecting on her journey at ZS, Shiny believes that her creativity and knack for analytical thinking has helped her create an impact for ZS. “Combining creativity and analytical thinking has led us to significant enhancements in user experience for consumers and patients worldwide,” she shares. “Analytical thinking involves breaking down a problem into smaller components and analyzing each component systematically, while creativity involves generating new and innovative ideas. We, as a team, continue to use the two approaches to enhance experiences for our clients’ users.”


Shiny is proud to have had so many opportunities to succeed and grow professionally and personally at ZS. “Being a UI/UX designer at ZS has been a fulfilling experience,” she says with pride. “I enjoy the combination of creativity and analytical thinking that is required in my role and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of others through my work on ZS initiatives.”


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