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ZSers in Buenos Aires work to optimize clinical trials

By Kailah Peters

July 19, 2023 | Article | 3-minute read

ZSers in Buenos Aires work to optimize clinical trials

When it comes to finding healthcare solutions, being fast, efficient and accurate is vital. At ZS, we know that one critical element of improving health outcomes for all is optimizing clinical trials to ensure more patients gain access to cutting edge treatments and lifesaving medicines. ZSers like Gunjar Ahuja work with our patient support team to streamline access to new treatments, and ensure patients have a positive treatment journey.

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Based out of Buenos Aires, Gunjar works in ZS research and development to optimize clinical trials and offer effective solutions and a seamless experience to patients. The average clinical trial can take anywhere from six to 10 years, costing companies billions of dollars and delaying patient access to care. To reduce this timeline and limit the burden on both our clients and patients, Gunjar and his team look for methods to improve trial efficiency.

“Clinical trials for oncology require a lot of historical data,” he explains. “For each patient, we have to know what different drugs should be given, what symptoms to track and what sample size overall to include in the study. By working with business analysts, we can leverage data to create intelligent pipelines that can be semi-automated and reduce months of work, leading to more efficient solutions and better patient outcomes.”


With his vast expertise, Gunjar has been able to help several clients reduce their clinical trials by months, resulting in faster development of new treatments. Gunjar describes this as his greatest passion. “Getting treatments to patients faster can have immense impact on their health. I like knowing that my work is improving countless lives.”


Because large companies are often running multiple trials at once, it can be challenging to consolidate and organize their data. But this is a vital step needed to draw insights and make connections that can reduce trial timelines and increase the number of trials a company is able to run, both of which help improve patient outcomes by making innovative drugs and treatments more accessible. There has been exponential growth in available life sciences data, but this type of rapid innovation is not without its own complexities—if only we could tap into data’s hidden potential. This is where ZS often helps most. ZSers like Gunjar partner with clients to use their data, analytics, technology and end-to-end expertise to help organize data and discover lifesaving insights.

Gunjar says, “There could be hundreds of trials that are running in parallel and each one could have separate attributes or a separate process to collect the data, making it hard to analyze these complex data sets in meaningful ways.”


To assist with this, ZS has developed a machine learning technique that standardizes data models and can be applied to thousands of clinical trials. Our methods can transform raw source data into one unified model that can be easily sorted, searched and analyzed. “With this, researchers can get quick results, reducing data preparation time from months to hours,” Gunjar says with excitement.


ZS’s team of experts work together to make small changes with a big impact. Thanks to Gunjar’s work, new treatments are made available faster, improving health outcomes for all. To stay updated on ZS’s latest innovations, follow us on social media.

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