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ZS’s inspiring women in technology

By Ishita Sharma

Aug. 2, 2023 | Article | 3-minute read

ZS’s inspiring women in technology

Women are increasingly playing diverse roles in modern technological fields. Among these trailblazers is Puja Sinha, a business technology solutions manager at ZS’s office in Pune. Fueled by her pursuit of excellence, her passion for innovation and her unwavering determination, Puja has achieved great success for ZS and our clients. She has also contributed to driving innovation and digital transformation, ensuring that ZS enjoys a scalable technological infrastructure. We connected with Puja to get a glimpse into her journey and learn about the impact she has had on ZS’s culture.

Where passion changes lives

“My journey at ZS has been full of adventures, from which I’ve learned many lessons,” says Puja. “When I started as an associate in Pune, my work was mostly dedicated to core development. Noticing my love and passion for technology, ZS offered me the opportunity to lead tech-ops projects. By remaining curious, I was able to explore multiple practice areas within ZS. The leadership team’s guidance, which inspired me to identify my true potential, has helped me achieve many career milestones.”


At ZS, we believe in empowering our people with the learning and development resources that are vital for their continued professional growth. “I have been fortunate to work with many of ZS’s clients and leaders across our offices,” Puja reflects. “ZS’s incredible technology team excels in extracting valuable insights through data analysis while prioritizing data security and privacy. One fond memory of the significant impact we made was in the targeting process for one of our multinational clients. We accomplished an impressive feat by going live in 40 countries within a single business day, surpassing all previous records. Our exceptional efficiency and the overall quality of our results left a lasting impression on the client. I learned immensely from the project, and meanwhile I was able to fulfill commitments in my personal life.”


Puja embraced motherhood without having to compromise her professional career. About her experience as a working mother, she tells us: “I always got tremendous support from all my leaders and coaches. I took two sabbaticals for childcare. Each time, I had my apprehensions about returning to work, considering the learning curves associated with new technologies that had developed during my time away. But ZS welcomed me back with open arms and helped me immerse myself in technical projects that aided in my reeducation. And as I continued at ZS as a mother, I had the flexibility to choose projects that suited my family commitments, which helped me to evolve as a leader and be grounded while adhering to ZS’s core values. I also consider myself fortunate to have mentored numerous coworkers during this time. Coaching and mentoring opportunities have helped me to inspire many women at ZS, giving them confidence that they can still excel professionally while maintaining work-life balance on their own terms.”


Puja is a role model for aspiring women, demonstrating that they too can thrive, lead and make a significant impact in the world of technology. As one of the pioneering women in tech for ZS in India, Puja shares a message with current and future women-identifying ZSers: “Do not hesitate to take risks and explore new areas. ZS offers tremendous potential for your personal and professional growth, and people ready to guide you in your journey.”


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