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ZS’s technology and platform experts drive impact through ZAIDYN™

By Shriram Tarawade

March 22, 2023 | Article | 3-minute-read

ZS’s technology and platform experts drive impact through ZAIDYN

In the fall of 2021, ZS launched ZAIDYN™ by ZS, an intelligent, cloud-native platform that helps companies shape the future of life sciences. Today, ZAIDYN supports clients across geographies and its impact is a testament not only to our teams’ hard work but also their commitment to innovation.


More than 130 companies already use ZS’s products to drive business decisions and engage their customers. Expanding on 40 years of expertise, ZAIDYN helps life sciences companies of all sizes to digitally transform and scale customer engagement, field performance, analytics and patient outcomes. Its analytics, algorithms and workflows empower people, automate processes and deliver tangible results. And, as a life sciences AI platform, ZAIDYN gets smarter over time and increases in value for our clients.


The technology and platform experts at ZS are central to ZAIDYN’s success. Both new and seasoned ZSers have been instrumental in the successful journey of the technology team at ZS. Saurabh Tripathi, a senior expert on the ZAIDYN program engineering team, shares his inspirational story. 

Where passion changes lives

Saurabh joined ZS in 2013 as a senior performance engineer on the software development team in Pune. “The reasons for joining ZS were its people, culture and the plethora of benefits and growth opportunities that ZS offers,” he says. Saurabh’s hard work earned him a promotion to a lead role in 2016 and later to a senior expert in 2019. We asked him what it’s like to work as part of the ZAIDYN platform team.

“When I look at the ZAIDYN team’s vision for its products and people, I feel confident,” Saurabh shares. “Through ZAIDYN, we aim to develop high-quality life sciences solutions for better patient outcomes. This is ensured through the technical expertise of our people, and ZS provides us with the right opportunities and exposure to cutting-edge technologies.” 


The solutions ZS brings to our clients are steeped in deep expertise. This is in large part due to the opportunities, coaching and skills we provide our ZSers with that enables them to explore their passions and make an impact for our client partners. Saurabh shares an example from his ZS journey where one such opportunity helped him successfully transition from working on user interface applications to his current performance engineering role. 


“ZS has always been supportive and allows the freedom to explore new ideas and innovations. The team provided me an opportunity to pursue my interest in machine learning and to upskill through a one-year post-graduate program sponsored by ZS. It helped me apply my learning to support the performance engineering team on complex data pipelines of AI, machine learning, big data and Spark. Now we are technologically agnostic and have created a performance engineering center of excellence within ZS.”


Technology is an ever-evolving landscape. What sets ZS apart is how we enable people to explore new ideas by fostering an environment that welcomes diverse perspectives. ZSers are encouraged to explore the unknown, which keeps us on the leading edge of healthcare innovation.


We asked Saurabh to describe ZS as a workplace for platform and technology professionals like himself. He shares, “What makes ZS great is the culture and the exposure one gets by working with a diverse group of people and on advanced technology. There are no limitations when it comes to discovering new areas, pursuing interests and turning them into profitable ventures. ZS has always provided the freedom to explore new opportunities and is supportive even when things do not turn out as expected. My learnings have never been stagnant throughout my ZS journey.” 


Explore career opportunities with the ZAIDYN team. Visit our website to learn more about how ZSers are using their passion for technology to create advances in life sciences.


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