Patient classification

Use AI/ML to enhance patient classification and understanding of performance and opportunity.

Robust opportunity identification

Leverage patient cohort data to derive conclusions that matter for brands and businesses.

A source of truth for ongoing analytics

Mitigate biases along the patient journey to set real-world claims data as a source of truth for pharma companies.

Enhanced downstream insights

Enriched data enhances segmentation, targeting, KPI tracking, forecasting and much more.


Challenges we solve

Data gap mitigation for enhanced insights

Evaluation of data capture gaps

Estimate capture of various staging, biomarker and drug information to identify the gaps at a national and deeper level.

Advanced AI/ML-based enrichment

Use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with real-world data sources and domain expertise to mitigate biases from data gaps.


Validation to boost confidence on enrichment

Robust validation techniques including model robustness, business validations and deep desk research ensure insights can be integrated across the board.


ZS’s approach

ZS Enhanced Patient Classification mines patient claims data and classifies patients more robustly. It also enhances the treatment journey through AI/ML and domain expertise, laying the foundation for a host of additional applications.

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