ZS Enhanced Provider Opportunity

ZS Enhanced Provider Opportunity is an advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) solution that overcomes real-world data (RWD) biases and identifies the real potential of physicians and accounts.


Challenges we solve

Helps clients accomplish robust customer prioritization using real world data

Scientifically removed biases

Mitigating any data capture bias like geographical blind spots or biases based on academic versus community centers

National-and-deeper level projection

Projecting up to capture total patient population while mitigating claims under capture

Classification for missing HCP interactions

Ability to classify patient interactions for HCP without any sales information

Enhanced downstream insights

Finding the true potential of each account enables target refinement and robust opportunity assessment


ZS’s approach

ZS Enhanced Provider Opportunity solution identifies the true potential of each account, enabling better opportunity assessment. These insights are based on multiple data sources, proprietary algorithms and ZS’s pharma domain expertise.

Understanding of data capture biases

Compare the patient capture at national, state, and account levels with benchmarks across various datasets to get in-depth understanding of the bias and gaps in patient capture.

Advanced AI to mitigate the data capture bias

Use machine learning techniques and data bias understanding to develop projection factors for each account, filling in the missing patient potential.

Validation mechanisms

Take advantage of robust validation mechanisms for data enrichment at the national level and deeper.

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