Demand Outlook

Anchor your brand and portfolio planning in consumer needs with a map of how your products are being used today. The Demand Outlook is a cloud-based tool that’s customized to your view of the world—your segments, demand moments and brands—to unlock where to play and how to win against the competition using ZS’s proprietary Vulnerability Index.


Challenges we solve

Identify what consumers really want

By breaking down the universe into groups of distinct consumers (segments) and then focusing on the specific occasions that those consumers experience (demand moments), we can precisely map what people do, when they do it and, most critically, why they do it.

Calculate the size of prize

The Demand Outlook brings to life the context of the consumption occasion (where, when, how, with whom, etc.) and then ties it directly to sales data to enable precise opportunity sizing.

Find where competitors are most vulnerable

Uncover why brands are trending in the direction they are. Our Vulnerability Index illuminates why brands are gaining or losing market share.

Help brands reach new consumers

By understanding unmet needs, a clear path to reaching your targeted consumer emerges. Whether through communication, renovation or innovation, the Demand Outlook is a road map for your brand to achieve growth and resonate with consumers.


ZS’s approach

Demand Outlook leverages ZS’s expertise in analytics, technology and consumer insights. By enabling cloud-based access to understand unmet consumer needs, incumbent vulnerabilities and category whitespaces, we bring the customer to the center of every business decision.

Identify where to play

We study what’s important to consumers across the breadth of occasions. We can then dive into each segment and moment combination to get a clear picture of consumer behaviors today … and what those behaviors will be tomorrow.

Understand how to win

Our Vulnerability Index allows us to measure how categories and brands are delivering against the needs that matter most in each moment. It shows us which incumbents are vulnerable to replacement and how to address top unmet needs to win consumers. 

Always-on insights

Unlike traditional Demand Outlook analyses, we democratize data and empower our clients to dive into the consumer via a customized cloud-based tool. With 24/7 access to unlimited data cuts, there’s no question left unasked—and no delay to get an answer.

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