Growth Marketing

Customers today are bombarded with promotional messaging. As a result, they’ve become focused on finding the relevant information that addresses their specific needs and preferences, and tuning out the rest. To successfully build customer relationships and increase revenue requires a combination of art and science: Marketers need to gain a deeper understanding of their customers—pulling from a wide and varied spectrum of data sources and then applying the resulting insights to build compelling messages and strategies for growth.

Now, more than ever, success lies in the implementation. All winning strategies today require the ability to navigate the complexities of an organization and to rally cross-functional teams to deliver cohesively and consistently for the customer. ZS can help.

The ZS Approach

ZS is a global consulting firm, with more than 6,000 experts in strategy, analytics and technology, and decades of hands-on experience solving the toughest growth marketing challenges in industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, high-tech, financial services, and travel and transportation.

With a foundation in sales strategy and technologies, we address marketing challenges with a focus on how marketing can drive revenue growth. We’ll help you harness data, analytics and technology to develop and execute effective marketing strategies that yield enduring customer relationships.

A holistic, data-driven understanding of customers: Our seasoned practitioners, data scientists and marketing experts use rigorous qualitative and quantitative research capabilities and analytics to help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and find opportunities for growth. We mine primary and secondary, structured and unstructured data using core research methods and innovative research techniques to learn more about your customers’ needs, values and motivations. We combine all potential sources of data including in-house customer files, transactions, web behaviors, metered internet or product data, and any other sources that give us insight into your customers, regardless of how messy or unstructured, to better assess brand potential and growth opportunities for your company. We’ll help you prioritize opportunities with the highest market potential and expected return.

Clear, actionable strategies for growth: Once we identify your best opportunity for growth, we design the most effective marketing strategy to capture it. We leverage insights into your customers’ behaviors—including their needs, values, device and information preferences, communication styles, and motivations—to design effective positioning, messaging, customer journeys and engagement strategies

Actionable plans, real implementation: We don’t stop with strategy. We provide an enhanced map of customer interactions throughout the customer journey along with actionable marketing plans designed to drive growth within key segments. We pull your new strategies through to marketing action by enabling the tools you need to engage customers at pivotal moments along their journey.

Collaboration is vital to the success of any strategy that we develop, which is why we work alongside you and your agencies from design and implementation through organization-wide adoption, execution and beyond to ensure that the strategies we develop deliver the results that you’re looking for. We’ll help you teach your organization how to be more customer-centric to better ensure a positive customer experience at every touch point.

A Better Understanding of Your Customers Leads to Better Outcomes for Your Business

With 30 years of cross-industry experience, ZS has a proven track record of integrating data from across a client’s organization to develop real-world perspective—and strategies that work.

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