Patient and Consumer Health Marketing

Market Dynamics Are Driving the Need for Patient Centricity

As patients bear a growing portion of the financial responsibility for their care, they expect to have a say in their healthcare choices, including medications. In addition, the rise in precision medicine has created increasingly complex therapies. Finally, patients’ expectations change as digitally native populations age. All of these changing market dynamics are driving a shift to patient centricity.

There are several questions that pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences and medical device manufacturing companies must answer to address these changes and meet their business objectives:

  • How can your organization become more patient centric?
  • Where are the overlaps between the patient’s needs and your business objectives?
  • How should you prioritize operations to engage with patients throughout their journey?
  • What’s the best way to design a great consumer or patient experience, and how do you deliver it?
  • What’s the impact of your consumer-facing initiatives?
  • How are patients and consumers making decisions, and how can you influence those decisions?

By answering these questions, firms can overcome changing market dynamics and meet patients’ and consumers’ needs.

A Comprehensive Approach to Integrating Yourself Into the Patient Decision-Making Process

To successfully develop the right marketing strategies, ZS believes that life sciences companies must consider a comprehensive approach to interacting with patients throughout the journey, in the preclinical, clinical development and marketing stages.

Our services include:

  • Enterprise: Helping firms find the overlaps between the patient’s needs and the company’s business objectives, and organizing for and building patient-centric capabilities within their organization. That includes responding to trends and delivering a great customer experience in a landscape where the patient is becoming much more central to the ability to compete.
  • Insights: Uncovering consumer and patient insights about healthcare decision-making is crucial to developing overall engagement strategy. We help clients determine how patients are making healthcare choices, or making trade-offs according to their financial situation or preventative care options, and how to influence them.
  • Strategy: Defining and prioritizing opportunities and value propositions is key to an organization’s success. To help clients prioritize operations, ZS crafts communications strategies to determine how each organization should interact with patients throughout the life cycle.
  • Consumer promotion and patient support: Once clients have uncovered where there are overlaps between the patient’s needs and their business objectives, we help use that information to design a better patient experience, and deliver that experience through consumer promotion and more efficient interactions with patients, including patient support services to drive adherence and enable improved outcomes.
  • Measurement: Are patient-facing initiatives driving results? We help gauge their impact, whether it’s getting faster or better trial results, increasing disease awareness or prescriptions in a category, or driving more patient adherence.

Driving Business Results and Helping Patients Thrive

We help clients understand the drivers of human behavior to build effective, relevant, patient-focused solutions—from the early stages of drug discovery through commercialization—that drive business results and help patients thrive.

Through our team’s many years of experience with patient initiatives, we are able to combine practical expertise with innovative thinking to create new and better patient-facing communication and resources.

We harness the vast and rapidly expanding body of patient data and insights to tailor patient programs to individuals’ specific requirements. Our work is grounded in the ZS legacy of analytical rigor, applied to solving patient needs.

From disease awareness to brand promotion or patient support resources, the programs we help design drive positive outcomes for both patients and your business. We make your problems our own, and we work side by side with you to ensure your long-term success.