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Accelerate decision-making in commercial life sciences with next-gen data and analytics

Feb. 9, 2023 | Webinar | 56-minute watch

Accelerate decision making in commercial life sciences

The commercial infrastructure of life sciences organizations is complex, with data living in multiple systems across multiple functions—often locked in vendor systems such as CRM. This infrastructure creates challenges for availability and accessibility to unleash and democratize actionable insights. Organizations have invested significantly in commercial data lakes to solve this challenge but still lack a foundational data layer, an intelligent commercial insights foundation (ICIF), to enable a connected data ecosystem and analytics tools to support various commercial use cases.


In this webinar, experts from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ZS share how they have partnered to develop a globally ready commercial data foundation that enables cross-functional data liquidity and interoperability. This domain-infused, tech-driven modern solution provides the agility and flexibility to connect data lakes quickly for accelerated time to value.


Watch now to learn:

  1. Best practices for leveraging an AWS microservices architecture to accelerate the implementation of a commercial data-lake-in-a-box solution for timely insights generation
  2. How to accelerate the implementation of a robust data management system that can help streamline the process of accessing and analyzing data
  3. How to expedite the setup of ingestion and analytics pipelines through reusable templates, rich pharma business rules and data quality checks
  4. How to seamlessly integrate accelerators to solve common data management challenges quickly and enable advanced commercial use cases across sales, marketing, value and access, and more  
  5. How to future-proof business use cases through a modern cloud architecture based on automated AWS elastic and serverless components to provide global scalability while optimizing IT spend
  6. How to build foundations to enable better analytics democratization and scalable deployment of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Listen to this invigorating discussion as ZS’s Kapil Pant, enterprise data management and analytics leader, and Sandeep Varma, enterprise solution center of excellence head, are joined by AWS’s Dennis Lauth, WW head, life sciences and commercial.

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