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ZS publishes book on reinventing patient centricity and using patient-led business models

May 17, 2022 | Article | 2-minute read

ZS publishes book on reinventing patient centricity and using patient-led business models

Sharon Suchotliff and Hensley Evans wanted to capture their years of experience working directly with biopharma companies and patients to share how critical it is to put the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem. The result is a book that offers a provocative perspective of not only why patient centricity is important, but how companies can change their mindsets and practices to achieve it.


Experts across ZS contributed to the book’s chapters, including Michael ThomasFiona TaylorAlbert WhangboLisa BanceNikita ReznikEmily MandellTorsten BernewitzMary Ann GodwinVictoria SummersTanya ShepleySophie Kondor and Greg Fry. ​

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Learn more about how ZS is giving voice to patient centricity with a new podcast dedicated to exploring the themes from the book.


Discover more about what inspired the book.


Watch a webinar with the authors.


Learn how we think pharma companies and patients can become true partners.


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Watch this video trailer for a preview of the “Reinventing patient centricity” book, an in-depth roadmap to making one of the most discussed concepts in healthcare a reality. You’ll learn what other industry experts have to say about it and how this book can inspire healthcare leaders to put patients first.

What industry experts are saying

“Improving patient health outcomes starts with embracing the rise of consumerism in healthcare and adopting a patient-centric approach. Healthcare leaders must marry the science with the human being and their everyday behavior and expectations to meet patients where they are. This book adeptly showcases why a patient-centric healthcare approach can achieve improved healthcare outcomes. It is full of extensive examples and case studies of innovators who have truly adopt a patient-centric model.”

Amy West

Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation, Novo Nordisk 


“ZS presents an impactful and introspective book that navigates the intricate landscape of patient centricity, shifting from a moment to movement. You vividly see and hear the lived experience of diverse patients and their care partners, who are at the heart of the book's curiosity, scientific evidence and comprehensive insights. While making the case for patient centricity, it does not assume omniscience. The book welcomes us all as mere mortals to search our blind spots, working toward a more equitable and inclusive healthcare ecosystem that improves not just the patient experience but the humans experiencing it. An ‘ah ha moment’ is available for every stakeholder.”

Monique Gore-Massy

Global Lupus Patient Advocate, DEI Champion


“Patient centricity is a comprehensive approach relevant for everyone in pharma. It ensures that we ask, “What is the best thing for the patient?” throughout product development and all the way to post-approval to ensure we are meeting patient needs beyond the medicine. This book poses proactive ideas for pharma and examples of what great can and should look like in patient centricity—a must read for the industry!” 

Kris Flynn

Global Commercial Lead, Hemophilia Gene Therapy, Spark Therapeutics.


Learn more about how ZS is giving voice to patient centricity with the new podcast, “Patient Centricity.

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