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Can analytics enhance human resource management in R&D?

By Aaron Mitchell, Arup Das, Kerri Mussari-Smith, Ankita Praharaj, and Sarath Jagabattula

Aug. 7, 2022 | White Paper | 14-minute read

Can analytics enhance human resource management in R&D?

With pharmaceutical companies continuing to invest more resources in research and development (R&D), the need for skilled professionals who can run clinical trials is growing. However, there are a limited number of these professionals available, and an aging workforce may lead that number to shrink over the coming years. Both the pandemic and the “Great Resignation” appear to have further exacerbated the situation, as many companies are aiming to accelerate trials that had been paused due to COVID-19 just as the availability of experienced professionals is dwindling. Some executives have expressed concerns that a significant percentage of the R&D workforce could retire in the coming years.


Resource management—in this case, ensuring the proper personnel are in place to run clinical trials—will continue to be critical for pharmaceutical companies as patients count on them to develop the next generation of life sciences breakthroughs.


As this white paper’s authors discuss, analytics can play a key role in efficient human resource management in R&D. They also detail the importance of a resource management center of excellence that can standardize resource forecasting and capacity management across the organization, while removing bias and supporting capability development.

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