Embracing the rapid pace of innovation in oncology

Aug. 9, 2023 | Webinar | 45-minute watch

Embracing the rapid pace of innovation in oncology

We are living in an era of transformation for oncology research and treatment. The realization of immunotherapy via various modalities, chemo-free options, early-stage treatment and detection—not to mention the genomic revolution—are bringing many new options to patients across a wider span of diseases. These advancements challenge the status quo approach manufacturers have historically taken to commercialize, compete and shape the market.


During this webinar, you will gain a greater appreciation for:

  • The macro evolution of oncology pipeline development and recent emerging pharma launches, with a major emphasis on precision medicine 
  • The impact of new treatment paradigms, detection techniques and the commitment to achieving health equity across various stakeholders in the oncology ecosystem
  • The environmental changes across the patient care continuum, including technology advancements (AI, digital) and manufacturer portfolios that are creating a case for change in commercialization

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