Life sciences companies sped up their digital initiatives to meet pandemic-induced demands, some much more quickly than they thought possible.


The challenge for leaders in 2022 is to take what feels like an early-stage digital strategy and spark another cycle of value creation for the business, particularly when it comes to digital health.


In meeting this challenge, industry leaders have a rare opportunity to focus on the integrated parts of the business system where the power of data, analytics and digital can scale.

In our latest executive guide, we’ll show you practical actions for the Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO) based on three fundamental concepts:

  • Why it’s essential for business and technology leaders to stay aligned on the market trends to refine possible paths for the digital agenda.
  • How to prioritize action based on three different objectives for digital transformation. This way of thinking will narrow the focus on high-value opportunities.
  • What to include in your own company’s operating playbook to drive digital solutions at scale and create structural and sustainable advantage.

Get the guide, Scaling up: An executive guide to the life sciences digital agenda.