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How consumer brands can increase their data ROI

Dec. 23, 2021 | White Paper | 16-minute read

How consumer brands can increase their data ROI

Most senior executives expect data and analytics to play a vital role in their organization’s future. Despite substantial investments over the last decade, however, many consumer brands fail to fully benefit from the data they have accumulated. As a result, satisfaction with data remains low, inspiring us to ask a key question: “How can organizations improve their data ROI?”


In this white paper, we introduce four practical tactics that can increase the return on data investments for consumer brands:

  1. Find new uses for existing data.
  2. Procure small, targeted infusions of data to fill gaps rather than bulk datasets.
  3. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the quality of existing data.
  4. Dispose of data when it’s no longer required.

We also introduce a simple, yet highly effective data ecosystem framework that will help consumer brands on their path toward increased data ROI.

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